Sewing Day


One fine Saturday, sewing was in the air. Matt pulled out the Jr. Ranger flags and put everyone’s pins on… which lead him to sew his patches onto his blanket. Ashlyn, got to work and off they went!

DSC_0166 small

It is hard to sew through a layer of denim and a patch. We got a needle for denim and I think that helped!

DSC_0167 small

While they were at it, they decided to repair a few seams.

 DSC_0172 small

It looks great and is filling up with patches from places that Matt’s been with the Scouts, and places that we’ve been as a family. It’s like a “man scrapbook.”

DSC_0169 small

I was trying to finish up a baby blanket for Laura. I found the cutest flannel from Nuttels on Main Street and I spent the day cutting and sewing. I had to go back two other times to buy more fabric for the back. Seriously! I was so off on my math, but now I think the ladies know me by name. Ha! It threw me off because I was using my backing fabric on the front too. But still!

DSC_0170 small

I spent a few movie nights fringing the edges (they’re not fringed here) but that is one of my favorite parts of a rag quilt- the soft, fluffy square boarders! And babies are the greatest excuse to shop for great fabric and just to enjoy to whole process!


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