Grandma Lund’s Birthday


This year Alison and Megan helped me make Grandma Lund’s cake! We had a great time mixing and beating and frosting! I took the kids shopping to Target and we picked out some of our favorite things to give to one of our favorite grandmas! What ensued was a cute collection of presents to go with a cute chocolate cake!DSC_0001 small

My kids LOVE that Grandma Lund puts a sparkler on her birthday cake!

DSC_0002 small

I really think this is the best birthday candle ever!DSC_0007 small

One year Alison hid against the wall when the sparkler came out. I wondered if Megan would be like that this year. Nope! All smiles!DSC_0008 small

Grandma asked  Cayden to cut the cake!DSC_0010 small

Grandma and JacksonDSC_0011 small

Grandma with her present collection 🙂DSC_0014 small

Group picture!

DSC_0015 small

Ashlyn showing off the bird to Megan. In a family where we have no pets, none of our friends or neighbors have pets…. Ashlyn is glad that at least GRANDMA has a pet!


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