Cascade Springs


On this particular Sunday, we needed to get out.  The kind of getting out that involves letting the kids run around, a change of scene and a drive through the mountains to top it off. Cascade Springs was the perfect solution!

DSC_0197 small

The weather was cool and drizzly, which was a nice change from the usual hot July afternoons we’d been having.

DSC_0209 small

Cayden and Megan, those two just go together!

DSC_0210 small

Ashlyn was testing her luck by walking on the very edge.

DSC_0184 small

Not pictured much: Alison, because she was always running ahead of us!

DSC_0212 small

Ashlyn took a picture of Matt and I in the middle of a light drizzle.

DSC_0220 small

Ashlyn became a fearless tree climber. It doesn’t look like she’s that far off the ground, because of my camera angle, but she was! AND… she had to get to that side of the branch by walking across it like a balance beam. Yikes!

DSC_0192 small

Dylan loves all trees also!

DSC_0186 small

Jackson was always on the hunt for the most unusual flowers!

DSC_0242 small

Everyone loved to play in the water!

DSC_0241 small

I sure do love Cayden!

DSC_0249 small

This picture on our way out just shows that our energy levels are still high! The stroller wasn’t used, we’re still running up the trail and we’re looking forward to our stash of granola bars in the van. A perfect Sunday outing!

DSC_0251 small

Just before the parking lot there is a great viewpoint. Alison snuggled up with Matt and let him show her the sights.

DSC_0254 small

On the drive home we saw a mommy moose (cow) and her two babies (calves). We were so excited! She was HUGE!!

DSC_0261 small

We have a rule in our van that NO ONE can sit by Megan. That may seem mean, but she gets riled up so easily- either super high (highest levels of laughter which leads to highest levels of squealing at a pitch that shatters ear drums) or super LOW (ie- her seat buddy makes her grumpy, angry, kicky). But Dylan LOVES to be the one sitting to her at the closest seating distance allowed. We did have an entertaining drive home.

DSC_0256 small

Megan laughed during the whole ride home!  My silly, happy Dylan!


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