The Random Bits and Pieces From October


This month I did a big cell phone picture dump to clear out my phone memory.  As you might guess I take pictures all of the time 🙂 Here are the snapshots of our lives, as captured by my phone….1 small

Friends have become a staple for both Megan and Alison! Alison is the dominating force in her Alison/Megan relationship so it has been a good thing to play with friends often because Megan is quite willing to have Alison be in charge…. but the friends? Not so much! She’s learned to let others have turns to lead and it’s been a great and beautiful thing! You can’t say enough about having good friends!DSC_0002 small

The proud display of a LONG magnetic track! With friends!DSC_0042 small

Dress-up and reading time… with friends!4 small

With Alison in preschool, I’ve found some great time with Megan! She beams!5 small

Don’t get me wrong, some days I try to cram all of my cleaning into that two hour block, but other days we try to get to the park or go on a walk! Megan’s favorite chore is helping me with laundry, especially sock sorting 🙂

2 small

I can tell Megan’s had a good day when she ends up with a face looking like this! 8 small

These girls! I was trying to get ready for the day and they’d burst into the bathroom and just start laughing! They’d run off and do  it all over again!9 small

This month we canned grape juice, and for the first time we used only our own grapes! 10 small

After a rat scare-our some rats at the end of the street were making their way down and loved our neighbor’s chickens… their chicken food, their chicken scraps, their eggs- we saw one tunnel under our fence. Matt declared that we were cleaning out our garden THAT NIGHT. 12 small

We spent the evening (and into the dark) clearing out the very last plant and emptying the compost. Eventually we got rid of our composter altogether when it looked like the rat might have loved it. I think our neighbor ended up catching about 20 rats before they were gone. They got rid of their chickens within the week and there have no rat sightings since. We do miss our composter though. It feels weird to throw away all of our vegetable and fruit scraps into the garbage when it could be enriching our garden.

DSC_0006 small   DSC_0010 small   DSC_0023 small DSC_0033 small   DSC_0046 small   DSC_0047 small

To finish off this post, I had to include these pictures of Alison dancing. Although they were taken by my actual camera, this seemed like a good place to fit them in! This girl loves spinning and twirling to music!


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  1. crystal, life at your home is one continious adventure as your pictures attest. I don’t know HOW to de-load my camera. Is it something you can tell me how to do on email, or do I need to come for demo.?

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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