Pumpkin Carving


Near the end of Marvelous Monday, after friends went home and dinner came to an end (and apparently I folded laundry on the counter- the best laundry folding area in my house) we brought out our pumpkins and started to carve.

 DSC_0150 small

Another year of home grown pumpkins! We actually grew 8 (2 more than I’d hoped even!). We discovered that one pumpkin was moldy on the inside, one pumpkin got ruined while carving, so I was glad we’d grown extra! I’d learned about hand pollinating this spring and made sure we’d grow enough!

DSC_0151 small

Some children reveled in the goo.

DSC_0152 small

More than one child was repulsed.

DSC_0155 small   DSC_0156 small   DSC_0161 small

Either way we all got to work and had fun!

DSC_0158 small

It was fun to see the things they’d sketched onto the pumpkins come to life!

DSC_0169 small

Cayden, Ashlyn, Dylan, Jackson, Alison and Megan’s pumpkins.

Megan’s pumpkin is Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)! This was my first year getting into carving! Usually I’m the “de-gutter.”

DSC_0180 small   DSC_0173 small

Cayden and Ashlyn

 DSC_0176 small   DSC_0179 small

Dylan and Jackson

DSC_0182 small

Ashlyn discovered that a lighted pumpkins casts its shape into the wall!

A great night with great kids!


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