The Garden


It is getting to that time of the summer when you feel like you’re getting close to being able to eat what you’ve been growing!

DSC_0149 small

The corn plants are taller than Alison, which is pretty much my favorite part of growing corn.

DSC_0152 small

Tomatoes (from seed!) and green beans on the left, raspberries on the right.

DSC_0156 small

Alison decided to take pictures. I bent over so you’d have a shot of my face instead of my stomach 🙂 She did a pretty good job!

DSC_0159 small

The big pumpkins look promising and the little pumpkins are so cute! I’ve been playing around with pollination, especially with my pumpkins.  My goal is to grow enough pumpkins so that each of the kids gets their own this Fall!

DSC_0162 small

My only nemesis are the squash bugs. They are seriously the grossest. They devoured my squash plant and now they’re making their way to my squash, zucchini and pumpkin plants. The “natural” trick that’s been working very well is to spray the plants with water in the morning. The squash bugs come up in droves to the tops of the leaves to dry off in the sun. I wear gloves, pick up the squash bugs and put them in a sandwich bag. At first I was getting 30+ bugs every day, but now I’m down to 6 or 7.  They have to be the most disgusting bug I’ve had to deal with. They smell awful and when you squish them they have light blue blood. After I get rid of the squash bugs I go on leaf inspection and look for eggs. See this leaf here? By getting rid of these eggs (ripping that little section of leaf off), I just saved myself from squishing 20 bugs down the road. This is the worst I’ve ever seen these bugs. I don’t know if the spaghetti squash was particularly delicious to them and that’s what started this whole mess, but I will not ever grow them again. If I never hold a writhing bag of bugs again, that would seriously be a the best gardening news of my life.


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  1. A neighbor grew zucchini and spaghetti squash together in our tiny plots here…..and she had to spray every other day with a spray bottle of water and vinegar mixed to take care of that problem.

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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