The Dare-Devils


Sometimes when I’m mopping, I take all of the chairs out of the kitchen and rearrange them into a circle or square for the girls to run around on while I’m cleaning. Today I was working on the living room (I think) so I moved the bench over and said they could jump  off of that.

DSC_0081 small

Clearly this wasn’t challenging enough. They took our tame “base jumping” to a whole new level.

DSC_0085 small

Megan was not to be outdone, and she jumped just as high.DSC_0088 small

It’s hard to tell but they’re jumping off of the table! Yikes!

DSC_0086 amLL

And they have to clear the tile to land on the carpet. Now, I don’t usually encourage jumping off the table….. but I was just so…. impressed? At the height they were getting.

DSC_0087 small

No fear!

DSC_0113 small

Afterwards they started their floor exercises….

DSC_0092 small

So much energy! So much laughter! These girls are so fun!


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