We started this Hallween by visiting Grandma and Grandpa Lund! Kristiena came by with her cute kids so we went over to the club house to trick-or-treat together! DSC_0046 small

I tried to get a costume for Megan that was as close to “regular clothes” as possible. She was so unsure about the whole costume idea! So leggings, a regular black shirt and a black hoodie all came together to make a cat costume! The only two costume-type items were the ears and tail, which she didn’t like to wear. I don’t know how many times I had to track down those ears! DSC_0048 small

Matt racing Sam back to Grandma’s house!DSC_0051 small

Group picture!

Back Row: Matt, Ashlyn, Crystal, Grandma, Cayden, Grandpa

Front Row: Megan, Dylan, Jackson, Maylee, Sam, AlisonDSC_0054 small

After Grandma and Grandpa’s we went to Lisa’s where we all met for pizza, to look at each other’s costumes, see Grandpa Bills’ costume (we all look forward to that!) and for the younger cousins to go trick-or-treating together! Everyone love Justin’s costume!DSC_0055 small

We went all out for Jack’s costume this year. He wanted to be a pirate. We had almost all of these things collected already from different school assignments/past Halloweens. I made the pants and we ordered a hat and “boots” to finish it  off. DSC_0056 small

Jack and Ellie goofing around!DSC_0064 small

Group picture!

DSC_0068 small

I always enjoy trick-or-treating with this crowd. Hanging out with the adults, walking the neighborhoods, looking at the cool houses/decorations. Matt enjoys staying home and passing out candy. It’s a win-win!DSC_0080 small

Dylan and Summer, sitting with Grandpa Bills and passing out candy. What a great night! I’m so glad that we live so close to family!


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