Marvelous Monday


Sometimes we call Mondays “Maniac Mondays” (instead of manic) because Mondays are just that way. However, this is the story of how a “Maniac Monday” turned into a “Marvelous Monday.” DSC_0108 small

We started out this day with loads of grocery shopping with girls that were tired from a Wal-Mart and Costco trip. As I was getting all of the food put away a cute neighbor came over to play! They all love books…..

DSC_0113 small

…. and dress-ups …..

DSC_0116 small

… and dancing to “Frozen” songs in dress-ups!DSC_0135 small

Alison loved the sandbox and looked quite elegant while digging holes 🙂DSC_0139 small

When the older kids got home from school, they wanted to get out dress-ups too…. but not the girlie ones.  We pulled out the “official” Halloween costume box. DSC_0140 small

Ashlyn chilled while reading.

DSC_0143 small

Cayden won the race to the piano.DSC_0144 small

Dylan decided to have  Curious George party, complete with a blanket, books, coloring pages and snacks.DSC_0146 small

Alison, Megan and Emily were in heaven! So much entertainment!DSC_0148 small

Eventually we must have buckled down and done homework/started dinner/etc, but we were sure off to a good start for unwinding after a Monday of going back to school!


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