That One Sunday We Didn’t Hear “I’m Bored”… Or At Least Not As Much As Usual


At our house, Sundays can be unpredictable. Some Sundays are chaotic, some are relaxing, some are high maintenance, some bring bored and quarrelsome children who can’t find one toy in the whole house that they want to play with…. and others are spent with each person happily off doing their own thing. This particular Sunday was one of those unhurried, late afternoon pleasures.

DSC_0084 small

Fall officially hit our house and we no longer needed a drive in the mountains to catch glimpses of colored leaves.Even our gape vines were a treat to look at! (Photo cred- Ashlyn)DSC_0087 small

Ashlyn set up a stuffed animal “fishing” game with Alison and Megan.DSC_0092 small

When it was Ashlyn’s turn to tie a stuffed animal onto the jump rope, the girls had cover their eyes until it was time to pull it back.

DSC_0091 small

Megan took this job very seriously!DSC_0097 small

Ha! She was excited every single time!DSC_0105 small

Alison loved the pink monkey the best 🙂DSC_0099 small

The boys were downstairs with just about every construction material we own. It was a building wonderland! They started this project before church and rushed down right after we got home to keep on building.

DSC_0102 small

I love seeing the things they come up with!DSC_0103 small

Dylan is always hungry… and is our pickiest eater. He dislikes almost every dish I make, practically every cereal in existence and anything with cheese. Today I taught him how to make french toast, one of his favorite things. I may not love the mess it makes, but since Sundays are our “take care of yourself for lunch” days, I am glad to see him stepping up to the task and asking to learn to do this on his own! I have to say that this policy wasn’t loved at first- even Cayden would complain that his wraps always tasted disgusting- but it has brought about independence that wasn’t there before.

A closing thought for some of our Sundays:

… millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.” ― Susan Ertz

But I prefer to think of Sundays more along these lines:

“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.”  ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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