Last Soccer Games


I feel like the boys got better this year! They love balls, they love running around… I’m so glad we get to harness this into a sport!

DSC_0078 small

Jackson’s on his same team- new color- but same friends and same great coach!DSC_0079 small

It seemed like Jackson figured out how to kick the ball, and keep control of it, all the way to the goal better than he’s done before.

DSC_0036 small

Fall might be Dylan’s last season. I think he loves that his friends love soccer…. Some days I do think he loves it and other days I’m sure he’d rather be climbing trees and daydreaming.

DSC_0050 small

When his game is “on” he can run like nobody else (this boy is a runner!) and he is a great ball stealer!DSC_0053 small

Dylan has a great coach (our neighbor) and assistant coach (Matt)…. and of course these friends!

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