Out Hiking With Cayden


After hiking Rocky Mouth Falls, Cayden asked when we could go on a real hike. It made me realize that it had been a while since we’d done a hike that was challenging. Over Fall Break Cayden and I mapped out a great hike, stopped by Gandalfo’s to pick up some sub sandwhiches (for the hike) and drove off. We went up Big Cottonwood canyon and parked at Silverlake. Then we started the “5 Lakes Hike” that was featured in the Deseret News. Ashlyn was tempted to join us, but went with Matt and the other kids to the Utah Natural History Museum instead.

DSC_0002 small

This is a 5 mile hike with a 1,000 foot elevation gain. Whew! I was breathing hard during the steep parts!DSC_0004 small

The views were spectacular! You can guess from the title that you hike to 5 different lakes throughout the area!DSC_0007 small

We stopped at this reservoir for lunch and we were so glad for our mega sandwiches and water! This was a beautiful spot! We found ourselves hiking through snow to get here!

DSC_0009 small

Along the way, we met up with a nurse from South Carolina. Since we’d printed off the actual route (and this hike was not marked well at all!) she joined our group! She was a cute, very fit, athletic girl and the last half of our hike felt like a sprint! I had really enjoyed hiking with Cayden- just chilling out and talking- but it was also interesting to hear about her life as a rotating nurse. She traveled every few months to a new hospital- wherever she wanted. It seemed more like a resort-type thing, staffing areas that need more medical personnel during peak times. Living the dream! We took a wrong turn once, but talked with two older ladies out hiking with their walking sticks and they mused over our printed instructions and put us on the right track. I tell you, this hike was a puzzle but absolutely worth it! (I think no matter which fork you took, we’d have ended back at the beginning- not stranded at the top of the next mountainside).

DSC_0011 small

Our last lake! Photo courtesy of our nurse friend! We called Matt as we started the drive home. They’d beat us home and were already packing for our next camping expedition!



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  1. How neat that he expressed his desire for a real hike!! How perfect that you two could do it together. He gets dad time through Mutual….this was a challenge, plus it was MOM! I wish I had done more of that with my boys! I’m afraid to drive and take off in the unknowns, but you are doing so well. I know exactly where you went. We walked around silver lake and had Gandolfo sandwiches. I really wanted to hike a little up there, so different than other places. But our friends the Witts are not hikers (Colleen isn’t, David would be)…the people who were coming down said it was a terrficily hard hike. I honestly thought it would be well-marked, and it wasn’t, and off you went. Amazing! I need some more of that bravery. And I’m really proud of Cayden for expressing his desire. Way to go mom and dad! Love you, M *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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