Camping At Willow Park


Most of Fall Break was spent hanging out at home. Matt had used up a big chunk of his vacation days for our big reunion trip, so a camping trip that involved only one day off from work was just what we needed. Matt used part of his day off going to the Natural History Museum with the younger 5 while Cayden and I went on our big hike (the last post). As soon as we’d all gotten home, we loaded up the trailer and off we went!  (Disclaimer- most photos are from my cell phone! So glad that phones have cameras!)DSC_0015 small

Matt and Cayden had been to Willow Park before for scout campouts. As a family, we’d parked at Willow Park to go on family bike rides. It sounded like a great choice to “get out” for Fall Break without planning something big. Keep it simple!

DSC_0019 small

While Matt and the older kids helped set up the trailer, everyone else started exploring!  Alison loved this big tree! The branches were low enough that she could hang out!DSC_0022 small

The tree at our campsite could hold our whole family. How accommodating!DSC_0027 small

Ashlyn had to venture the highest!DSC_0031 small

Next came the biking section! I love that the trailer could hold all of our bikes- no problem! We had to leave soon because it was just a matter of time before the sun started going down.2 small

We had the trail to ourselves, for the most part!3 small

Looks like all my ducks are in a row! I’m the the rear, pulling the girls in the bike trailer. (For someone who’s not 100% graceful, taking pictures… on my cell phone… while biking…. was quite a feat).4 small

A good distance into the ride we found a great park! The younger kids really wanted to play, but Cayden and Ashlyn wanted to try to bike to the windmills past Thanksgiving Point. We split up and I kept Dylan, Jackson, Alison and Megan at the park. Matt took Cayden and Ashlyn to the windmills.12 small

The sun was starting to set but Matt, Cayden and Ashlyn weren’t back yet. We had to get going so that we had light to bike with… we started back.

7 small

See how dark it was?! Matt, Cayden and Ashlyn caught up with us just before we got back to the campsite! They made it! It turned out to be a 13 mile ride for them! That’s on top of the 5 mile hike from earlier today- I’m sure Cayden was exhausted! 10 small1

While Matt was grilling dinner, the boys pulled out games….11 small

….. and the girls pretended to read Alison’s tiny book!

After a quick breakfast, we headed home so that Cayden could shower and go to the temple with his friends. A great ending to Fall Break!


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