Rocky Mouth Falls


I guess I just couldn’t get enough of this hike! I came back with Bonnie and her little girl Emily. DSC_0073 small

The stairs were as magical as ever and Alison loved looking at the little rocks.

DSC_0085 small

Bonnie took a picture of me with the girls!

DSC_0090 small

These girls were a hoot at the end! Bonnie served them sliced apples from Mitchell’s. I went out that week and bought a whole box. We devoured them! I bet our family bought 6 boxes over the next few months. It was so hard to go back to regular apples 😦

DSC_0094 small

Happy girls and dusty faces!

DSC_0097 small

Good times!

DSC_0177 small

I couldn’t stop there. I had to take my family! Saturday evening we drove off into the mountains. Ashlyn was at a birthday party but everyone else came along.

DSC_0178 small

It is strange to walk through a neighborhood to get to the trail!

DSC_0180 small

Most of the family 🙂

DSC_0181 small

It was so interesting to see the difference between my first time hiking this and the hike with my family. The leaves had changed and were staring to fall. Even the hiking path was beautiful!DSC_0184 small

Dylan and Jackson had to climb everything in sight!DSC_0185 small

The view at my feet!

DSC_0188 small

Cayden, such a great big brother!

DSC_0195 small

Matt with Alison and Megan

DSC_0194 small

More rock climbing

DSC_0196 small

Jackson found a way to scale up to a 2nd landing.

DSC_0200 small

Cayden followed and eventually everyone was up there exploring!

DSC_0206 small

The hike back included more rock climbing…

DSC_0216 small

…..cave stops….

DSC_0222 small

… leaf finding….

DSC_0226 small

…. and plenty of stops!

DSC_0235 small

As we were hiking back down, we turned a corner and had this view of the valley. Breathtaking!

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  1. Again, send some off to a contest. I sound like a broken record, but they are such good photos! Is this in provo?

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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