Hee Haw Farms


Our first preschool field trip: Hee Haw Farms!

DSC_0013 small

I guess I haven’t been to a lot of pumpkin patches, because this play area filled with dried corn rocked our world! Who knew?

DSC_0015 small

Way better than a sand box! (Although we did find corn tucked away throughout the day, which is kind of how sand works when you’ve been playing in a sandbox for a while!)

DSC_0096 small

Next we were off to a GIANT slide. It was a thrill for Alison and she went a million times.

DSC_0079 small

Megan was very concerned. She didn’t cry and this was the whole of her facial expression going down… but this was her one and only try. Not her way of having a good time.

DSC_0109 small

While the rest of the preschool group kept sliding, we spied this goat up on a pedestal. It was fun to figure out how he got up there, but even better to realize that we could feed him! We put a quarter into a goat pellet/food dispenser and then dumped it into a tin can on this pulley system. You’d crank and crank and your tin can would make it to the top and dump itself out. So clever!

DSC_0111 small

Megan and Emily had a turn. This goat was so smart- he knew his food was coming and tried to eat it before it could dump out. He was so excited!

DSC_0113 small

The crank was huge, but each of the girls were determined to do it by themselves!

DSC_0115 small

Now we’re off to jump around on hay bales.

DSC_0117 small

I’m not sure if it’s a tiny maze, or just a place to jump around on.

DSC_0123 small

99.99% of children went with the jumping idea!

DSC_0126 small

Alison can practically reach all of the pedals. Future Tractor Drivers of America

DSC_0131 small

Alison and her side kick in the side car

DSC_0136 small

Off to the petting area. These two are so cute!

DSC_0152 small

I stayed with these little guys since these animals invoked excitement and terror in the blink of an eye!

DSC_0164 small

Hay ride! And tired kids. We’ve been here for hours by now and we’re all exhausted.

DSC_0166 small

Cutie pie!

DSC_0168 small

You can see the tired! But we weren’t done! We still had to hike into the middle of the fields, pick pumpkins and carry them back to the van. Which meant that I carried three pumpkins and tried to convince three very tired girls that they could make it to the van! We were so thirsty!DSC_0175 small

Final picture of the whole group before heading home! We had such a great day- all senses were used, all energies were spent, and there was definitely a sense of adventure with all of the new things that we tried!


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