Everyday Life


This month was more of a “settling” month, and by that I mean “settling into a new routine.” Cayden started High School, Ashlyn started Jr. High, Dylan is the oldest in the elementry so he’s now leading the “walking home” group, Jackson has more homework, Alison began preschool and Megan now officially ended naps- which was a big adjustment for both of us! So many good things, but it all takes getting used to.

DSC_0117 small

We have a regular play date set up with one of Alison’s friends (above)- every Tuesday morning! They sure look forward to that morning!

DSC_0120 small

Another cute dress-up picture!

DSC_0034 small

I’m getting back into the swing of teaching preschool. I’ve done a neighborhood preschool with most of my children, but this one with Alison has been kind of intense. It’s for two hours, there’s snack time and after each teaching time (twice a week) you send out an email listing what you did and pictures take of the girls doing these things. It’s been a great thing but also takes a bit of time! Luckily there are four other moms so I only teach every 5th week!

DSC_0145 small

Ashlyn’s been looking forward to her art class, but was disappointed that it won’t be until next semester. She keeps practicing and I love finding her doodles around the house!

DSC_0146 small

Phineas and Ferb are my favorite!

DSC_0152 small

When I’m cleaning the kitchen floors, the chairs often turn into a race track…..DSC_0211 small

…. or a train station (complete with bell and tickets).DSC_0188 small

We found an unusual spider in the back yard. As fate would have it, our bug guy was scheduled to spray the next morning and that was the last we ever saw of this guy.

DSC_0162 small

Lots of rain! Ashlyn took the girls outside so they could discover their love of rain too!DSC_0163 small

It was a sweet afternoon!

DSC_0166 small

I was glad September was such an easy-going month!


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