Backyard Movie Night


Almost every summer we have a backyard movie night. The kids invite over all their friends, we set up the projector and play a movie on the fence. The backyard is full of food, blankets, hot chocolate and FRIENDS! This year we decided to split it up and have a movie night for the older two kids and their friends, and then a movie night for the younger kids with their friends (who will be quick to tell you that we never did. It got so cold and rainy!)

DSC_0122 small

Megan, wondering if we would miss the Swedish fish. Friends brought treats too, so by the time we got started this table was full!

DSC_0124 small

Ashlyn had me take a picture of the popcorn. We were popping this stuff for a solid hour! It takes a lot of popcorn to fill a Rubbermaid tote!

DSC_0125 small

Chillin’ before show time

DSC_0126 small

More friends, more chillin’

DSC_0127 small

Jackson, loving that he’s hanging out with the older kids!

DSC_0128 small

Kyle, showing off his magic tricks!

DSC_0131 small

Matt played Studio C episodes while he was setting up, and Megan kept trying to figure out how he got a movie to play on the fence!

DSC_0136 small

Time to break out the treats!

DSC_0143 small

We watched the new Muppets Most Wanted movie

DSC_0145 small

It was really quite dark, my camera makes it look like we started early! The younger kid piled on blankets…DSC_0148 small

… while the older kids took over the chairs

DSC_0149 small

The hot chocolate was the hit of the night. Just about everything on the table was gone by the end of the movie! We had a great time, and we owe the younger kids big time! Next summer we’ll plan theirs backyard movie night first 🙂


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