Piano Recital


This recital was a fun one! It was all about duets!DSC_0093 small

This was Jackson’s first piano recital! Since I played the accompanying part when he practiced at home, Jack wanted me to play with him at the recital. Sweet!

DSC_0097 small

Dylan and Kristiena

DSC_0101 small

Ashlyn and Kristiena

DSC_0105 small

Ashlyn did get to play a solo as well- “He’s a Pirate” from Pirates of the Caribbean DSC_0112 small

Cayden and Ashlyn also played a duet together…. but the crazy news is that they never practiced together. Of course they played with Kristiena during their lessons, so they’d heard the other part…. but when they sat down together I wondered how it would go. They were flawless! What? Cayden also played a solo as well, and did a great job!

DSC_0115 small

My parents came to recital which my children loved, both those performing and those that weren’t!DSC_0116 small

The crowd with Kristiena in the middle 🙂 Plus, we’re treated with Alison running toward the group and Megan getting flown around by Dylan. They all did a great job!


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