Driving the Nebo Loop


One Sunday afternoon we decided to drive the Nebo Loop so that we could check out the fall leaves. We brought Grandma and Grandpa Lund, and despite the drizzle we started the drive. DSC_0092 small

As we started up the Nebo Loop we found ourselves surrounded by fog! Sometimes we were creeping along, just able to see the road ahead.

DSC_0105 small

It was quite an adventure! At times when the fog was lifting, we caught glimpses of the changing leaves.DSC_0107 small3

At a scenic stop, we pulled over to play in the fog! The kids scrambled out of the car and ran around through the field, dodging cow pies (cows were grazing nearby) but not dodging mud!

DSC_0109 small

When we were first there, the fog was all-encompassing.DSC_0114 small

As time passed it started to lift a little!

DSC_0121 small

The whole valley opened up!

DSC_0124 small

It was truly a joy to be running outside…. in the mountains….. in the middle of a cloud (fog bank)!DSC_0129 small

You can see it lifting even more!

DSC_0131 small

We scraped shoes, loaded back into the van, and continued our elevation climb and immediately entered the fog again.

DSC_0133 small

At times you knew there were steep drop-offs on the side of the van (not pictured) but you absolutely could see nothing but the road and brilliant white fog.

DSC_0140 small

We had expected to look at brilliant orange, red and yellow trees but this drive had its own beauty. DSC_0170 small

As we came down the other side of the Nebo loop, we left the fog behind… my favorite view was this little red creek! We had a great time on the drive and I hope there are more foggy drives in our future!

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