Hikes With the Girls


One morning I woke up and decided that hiking sounded a lot better than my “To Do” list. I’d bookmarked a few hikes that looked like fun from here, so I printed off directions, packed some snacks and we drove off.

DSC_0003 small

It was exciting to try something new! Our first stop was the trail head to Rocky Mouth Falls. The crazy part about this hike is that it starts in town. You hike up these gorgeous stairs, walk through an impressively neighborhood and then go through a narrow path between two houses.

DSC_0010 small

It’s clearly marked, so we’re not hiking in the wrong place. Right from the start it’s beautiful!

DSC_0012 small

The girls surprised me- we really didn’t have to stop much at all! They hiked it all by themselves!

DSC_0042 small

Exploring caves!

 DSC_0045 small

The rocks here were incredible! We loved climbing around! (This one was like a comfy chair!)

DSC_0047 small

Alison could hear the waterfall and pointed the way!

DSC_0049 small

We made it! This hike was short (less than a mile round trip) and spectacular. It was so beautiful- it was almost like we had wondered into Lord of the Rings.

DSC_0052 small

Even on the way back we stopped to check out huge, mossy boulders.

DSC_0070 small

Our next hike was Lisa Falls- also another quick hike, less than a mile.

The cool thing about this hike is that the trail was covered in caterpillars!

 DSC_0085 small

Alison, checking out the waterfall and then finding more caterpillars!

DSC_0088 small

We had so much fun and it was so nice to try something new!

DSC_0090 small


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  1. How about letting me go with you on this hike? it just looks so fun! Let me know if you are interested in repeating it with me tagging along. M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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