Sunday Fun!


There are perks to every church block time you have. Right now (Feb 2015) we have the 1-4pm slot.  The kids play all morning, we come home and have dinner… then read and go to bed. It’s simple and by the time I’m home from church I’m drained, maybe because I’m the Primary chorister and I’ve been performing for two hours (love the calling!), and it seems like the day should be about over. But then I see these pictures and I remember why I loved the 11-2pm slot.

DSC_0213 small

We have a “Make your own lunch” on Sundays. I loved Kara’s Sunday policy so we do it too now! You take care of yourself after church! Then it’s free time until dinner. You can relax (right now I have to start cooking right after church- no relaxing!). This evening began with tossing a football around the yard.DSC_0215 small

Ashlyn, Jack and Matt

DSC_0216 small

Sorry for the blurry picture, but I’ve just got to get Matt in here- playing catch with his kids!DSC_0222 small

Then our neighbor friend scootered past in her tutu! My girls raced inside, put on their tutus, grabbed their scooters and scootered in the yard. The weather was perfect!DSC_0226 small

These three girls are the cutest!

DSC_0227 small

The tutu posse!

DSC_0230 small

I sat on the porch and enjoyed this life! I inspected my flower beds. Here are my two favorite plants from my gardening experiment. This one is called “Pumpkin on a Stick.” These plants grow green looking pumpkin/tomato-like fruits that turn orange in the fall. They are so cute!DSC_0232 small

My other favorites were the “Straw Flowers.” The texture was like straw, but the centers were like velvet. I had to touch them every time I walked past!DSC_0241 small

The girls!

DSC_0242 small

Seriously, too cute!

DSC_0245 small

Dylan had been inside writing me a note…..DSC_0247 small

….. and reading his new favorite book! Cayden was downstairs reading in his room. DSC_0250 small

These three huddled, looking at pictures on Ashlyn’s camera.

DSC_0252 small

We finished off the evening by going on a family walk!DSC_0254 small

Red jammies and roller skates! Doesn’t matter- we’re spending time together!


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