Canning Season Begins….


We came home from our reunion trip and found that our garden was full of tomatoes, our corn had come and gone (we didn’t get ANY good corn!), the squash bugs had devoured most of my zucchini plant (blast those squash bugs!) and some of our peaches were ready! DSC_0144 small

I spent the afternoon making some freezer jam and some canned jam.DSC_0147 small

Matt came home from work a little early because he was anxious to get a jump on the tomatoes before they went bad. Kristiena was teaching piano here, so Maylee joined my kids in boiling, peeling and blending the tomatoes!

DSC_0148 small

My job was to pick, pick, pick. I am an excellent picker 🙂 More like, I have the patience to climb through 18 tomato plants and search every direction (without breaking  plants)to get all of the tomatoes!

DSC_0150 small

Matt, showing Maylee how to slide the skin off a tomato after it’s been boiled (and plunged into a bowl of icy water).


After Cayden’s lessons was over he joined us and sent Dylan in the house to begin. Poor Cayden, he hates tomatoes so much 😦

DSC_0156 small

The other kids joined in sporadically (picking tomatoes, or bringing my bowl of picked tomatoes to Matt). Otherwise, they played outside. Here’s Caleb, combining trucks, dirt and digging. Excellent combination!

DSC_0159 small

Alison, the Super-Hero Girl!DSC_0160 small

Sam- The “Iron Man, Arrow-Shooting” HeroDSC_0161 small

Together- The Dynamic Duo!DSC_0176 small

Clubhouse fun!

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