The Odds and Ends of August


August was amazing! Definitely a highlight for our family! We spent the rest of August just chilling out. DSC_0002 small DSC_0003 small DSC_0005 small DSC_0007 small DSC_0008 small

I think the girls wore Jackson out! He is a good sport and always plays with them!DSC_0010 small

The kids were glad to play with their friends again!DSC_0113 small

Jackson missed Ethan like crazy. These two are so fun!

Megan Quotes: 

  • I don’t wear shoes to bed. I wear toes.

  • My mouth is out of water!

  • Do you hear that sound? (The car door rattling) That sounds like Perry the Platypus!

  • Sniffs… “I smell candy! Can I have candy so I can burp?”

  • FYI- Megan keeps her imaginary cell phone tucked in her diaper

  • One morning on our reunion trip, Matt let out a “barking spider” and Megan froze…. then said, “I think….. that was….. a stink bullet.”

Alison Quotes:

  • Fell down and said “I have a sunburn!”

  • I have 4 band-aids. Now I can sleep good with my 4 band-aids!

  • At Zurcher’s (a party supply store) and seeing a tray full of play jewelry diamond rings, “Look Ashyln! These are just like mom’s!”

Jackson Quotes:

  • Jackson, taking off his crocs and walking in the grass: “This makes me feel much younger… and smaller.”


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