Kids’ Yard Sale


Ashlyn got on a dejunking kick and started cleaning out the game closet downstairs. I’d already done a serious cleaning of Megan’s closet (finding homes for birthday toys made me realize that it was time to get rid of all of her baby toys) and had a big mound of toys that I was going to run to DI. The kids started realizing that they had enough items to have a “Kids’ Yard Sale” and spent the week cleaning out their rooms.

DSC_0114 small

The morning of the yard sale, the boys scootered around the neighborhood delivering fliers. Ashlyn got out tables and started making tags.

DSC_0116 small

I took the chance to go through our bookcase and added a bunch of old books! Alison spent her time “reading” all of the books while she was waiting for customers.DSC_0118 small

It was a success! The kids had to divide the money amongst themselves when it was over, which was trickier than they thought. They’d brought out their money banks so that they could give people change and then had no idea what money came in from customers and what was already theirs. So  many lessons learned! DSC_0119 small

They had a great time!  We loaded up all of the extra items, drove them straight to DI and clean-up was done!

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