Dylan’s 9th Birthday


Dylan’s birthday was a fun, busy day! We had school, piano lessons, played with cousins and when Matt got home from work we were ready to celebrate!

DSC_0088 small

The birthday boy was banished to the office (with a 3DS to play) while we drew clues and hid presents! The hunt begins!DSC_0092 small

This time of year is a good time to have a birthday- presents can be hidden outside too!DSC_0094 small

Megan, clowning around with Cayden!DSC_0097 small

More presents!

DSC_0098 small

More clowning!

DSC_0099 small

Simon was a nostalgic present on my part. I loved playing my brother’s Simon when I was younger. Everyone took turns with this one all evening!

DSC_0104 small

For the last year, Dylan has been begging to have a Costco cake for his birthday. Easy for me, yummy for the family! Perfect for a Wednesday night birthday party!

DSC_0109 small

That is a lot of candles to blow out!

DSC_0111 small

He did it! We sure love Dylan! The love, energy, imagination and creativity that is contained in just one person is absolutely amazing! I hear “I love you mom” from Dylan more than everyone else combined- he is just so full of love! We love him too and are so glad that he is a part of our family!


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