Megan’s 3rd Birthday


Megan’s birthday was on a Sunday this year. DSC_0015 small

I spent the morning making a triple batch of Ginger Crinkle Cookies for primary.

DSC_0016 small

Matt assembled Megan’s new marble machine (from the Amish woodshop in Jamesport). Everyone was anxious to try it out!DSC_0017 small

Jackson best cowboy friend stopped by after church and gave him this pocketknife! Jack was absolutely thrilled and 100% proud of this knife!

DSC_0023 small

Megan, figuring it all out!

DSC_0025 small

This marble machine makes the best noise as the marbles circle on their way down. As the marbles hit the different lengths of wood, they make different sounds. It’s musical!DSC_0038 small

Megan and Cayden!

DSC_0039 small

Present time!

DSC_0073 small

I made the famous banana cake with cream cheese frosting from Leslie. As I was figuring out how to make this cake cute enough for a three year old, inspiration struck!

unnamed (1) small

We had been playing around with Starbursts a few days before (check out Cayden’s Starburst mountain!), so I pulled out the rest of the package, rolled them out and cut them into circles using my donut cutter. Now it was a snazzy, bright-colored polka dot cake!

DSC_0079 small

Just as we were about to start singing, Grandma and Grandpa Lund stopped by to bring Megan a present. Perfect timing!

DSC_0083 small

We sure love Megan and are so glad she joined our family! She brings a sweet, happy spirit into our family… and makes us laugh with her cute observations of the world around her!


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