1st Day of School


We drove into town Friday night and spent the weekend doing laundry, restocking the fridge and cleaning out the trailer. Tuesday morning the kids walked out the front door for their first day of school. We’d done all of the back-to-school shopping, both clothes and school supplies lists, so the weekend really was just cleaning and relaxing. I was glad school didn’t start on Monday!

DSC_0214 small

Cayden- 9th grade

Ashlyn- 7th grade

Dylan- 4th grade

Jackson- 2nd grade

DSC_0085 small

Alison also started preschool- a neighborhood preschool that we do with four other girls. Alison’s friend, Joy, is on the left! It’s crazy to think that Alison starts Kindergarten next year and that Megan will be in preschool. Strange! I know it’s too soon to miss them playing together all morning, but I really will.


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  1. I think Kindergarten is a real hassle. Get them there, turn around, go pick them up. Once in awhile I’d forget when I got involved in a project that it was time to get the kindergarteners (at the time it was Grandview so carpooling) Megan will get some alone time w / mommy, BUT, she’ll be lonely I think. Kinderg. is so short though….You are making great progress on the year! M *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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