Reunion Trip: Day Thirteen


Day Thirteen: Lander, WY to Home! (Drive for 6 hours)

We had our last “camping breakfast” and started off on our family trek!DSCN4687 small

One thing we learned from the visitor’s center is that handcarts often beat wagon trains going west. That surprised me.  It made sense when you thought about finding the best path for a lightweight handcart (for getting around obstacles, etc) compared to a large wagon.DSCN4707 small

As we started off the trek, my first thought was, “We would make great pioneers!” Not that I was wishing at all to go through any of those hardships at all, but in general my family loves the great outdoors. We like hiking and we’re not sick of traveling together, even after two weeks!

DSCN4709 small

Cayden and Ashlyn even took turns pulling.

DSCN4715 small

I love this picture of Matt and Dylan holding hands.

DSCN4712 small

At the handcart station, a mile in, we had to park the handcarts and start hiking to get to the actual cove.

DSCN4714 small

Alison was the first one to get too tired to hike- pretty much from the start!DSCN4717 small

We startled a snake, sunning itself in the path. We stayed back until it slithered off the path, but it did add the the excitement of the afternoon.

DSCN4721 small

Luckily there were a lot of benches to sit on when you needed a rest! Unfortunately, we got to the point where Dylan, Jackson, Alison and Megan were all too tired to walk… and we weren’t to the actual cove yet…. and we still had the whole way back to go! We kept trying to muscle through it, but we eventually turned around.DSCN4722 small

Check out Ashlyn’s goofy face 🙂

It took sheer willpower (I’d even go as far as to say parental willpower exuded over children’s “I can’t go any farther” attitudes) to get us back to our handcarts….

DSCN4725 small

We used the hand pumps to fill our water bottles for the handcart trek back.DSCN4729 small

They do have rickshaws for handicap individuals who can’t actually hike to Martin’s Cove. Megan had fun sitting in one while we were getting ready to load up our handcart.DSCN4730 small

Matt and I pushed the handcart back… and it was hard… and we were tired… and it was hot.  It was a much different experience. The 4 kids were in the handcart and were exhausted… which meant they were tickling and poking and either laughing or crying depending on the amount of tickling or poking. I realized that a man’s strength is important. It made the whole journey possible! Also, Matt and I are different sizes and our waists are at different heights and that really made pulling the handcart together trickier than I thought. It was fun to work together and laugh at how the trip back seemed to take three times as long! This was the last stop on our vacation it was was definitely my favorite one. I enjoyed it all, even the riotous laughter coming from the handcart!

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  1. Could it possibly be that everyone was tired of the 13 days on the road, rather than the Journey at Martin’s Cove? tell Ashlyn I enlarged to see her goofy face, and goofy it was! 🙂 Tired family. Interesting that you would comment that it was so good to have a physically strong husband. I thought that several times throughout the trip as I saw what all you did. It takes skill to roll with that trailer, park it, keep going when tempers get short…..and it was a lifetime memory for each of you. Dear photograper, you are excellent, in that skill, plus a wonderful partner to go side by side and carry your load in so many ways that most mamas cannot do. Proud of you ALL! M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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