Reunion Trip: Day Twelve


Day Twelve: Custer State Park, SD to Lander, WY (Driving for 5 hours)

We were looking forward to this stop today. Rock climbing and looking at engravings of old names- just what we needed!

DSCN4682 small

It’s hard to get a scope for how big this “Independence Rock” area is, but it is larger than you think! Even at the parking lot, it looked large…. but then we followed the trail and by the time we actually arrived it was HUGE!DSCN4683 small

Luckily the rock has good traction so we were able to scramble up without having to crawl on all fours!DSCN4685 small

A beautiful view of the area!

DSCN4687 small

Here’s the back side.

DSCN4688 small

Names were everywhere! Besides vandalism, lichen (growing over the names) is one of the greatest threats for destroying these names.

DSCN4689 smallk

You can see that a storm is starting to roll in.

DSCN4692 small

Alison was my buddy and came name hunting “exploring” with me!DSCN4693 small

In fact, as the family started going back down, Alison and I just needed a few more minutes. It was so nice to be outside, enjoying the breeze and the view.

DSCN4695 small

What a cutie! Our next stop was Martin’s Cove. The purpose was just to confirm our RV site (we were camping at the RV site with the missionaries). The lady who met us begged us to take the tour now because the place was practically empty! We’d left all of the kids in the van, but after her insistence (so many times… and our warnings that our kids were tired) we agreed and unloaded everyone. She was right, we had Martin’s Cove to ourselves! We had a customized tour (ie- our children couldn’t handle the “full length” version) and she was so sweet! DSCN4697 small

We got a photo op, in preparation for our actual handcart trek as a family that would start the next morning. It was actually very nice to have gone through the tour this evening so that the next day we could get straight to the trails!DSCN4698 small

Here is a glimpse of how trailer life is! (Especially at the end!) This particular night Matt was cooking dinner (brats/sausages) but everyone was starving so we popped some popcorn and set up a movie. DSCN4701 small

As dinner got close we set up the table.

DSCN4702 small

Matt did a lot of cooking on the trip- well, we both did and I particularly enjoyed the meals he cooked!DSCN4703 small

Megan slept in that porta-crib by the door. Every morning we took it down and every evening we set it up. DSCN4704 small

By the end of the trip our dirty clothes hamper was so full that it was taller than our bathtub! The bad news- someone threw in their dirty clothes and it turned the water on a little (but we didn’t realize it at first). Imagine a bathroom full of wet, dirty clothes! Luckily it happened today (the day before we arrived home) instead of 5 days earlier! We usually set the hamper outside of the bathroom when we were having showers/baths and then tucked it into the bathtub when we were done. It kept laundry out of the way and contained!

How did we spend our driving time? We listened to books on CD from the library. The “How to Train Your Dragon” series was so fun that we are now reading them at night right now! We also listened to “Treasure Hunters” which is a fun, FUN book! We had binders full of activities, magnets, a crate with toys, a crate with books and of course we had movies!



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  1. I don’t know where you would have squeezed me in, but I sure wish I could experience 1st hand all the wonderful things you did. Seriously. I have loved seeing all this 2nd hand, but I marvel at it all. I’m sure there were frustrated parents at times, kids beyond their ability to control themselves, and all of that….but how furtunate you planned so carefully ahead of time. I feel like Imissed out! Thanks for compiling all of this for your family. A treasure! M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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