Reunion Trip: Day Ten


Day Ten: Niobrara, NE to Badlands National Park, SD (Driving for 4.5 hours)

We arrived at Badlands National Park in the evening and drove past so many great sights on the way to our campground. We were excited to explorer! We checked in, unloaded the trailer and then backtracked through the park to find those spots!

DSC_0056 small

The world is our playground! Because it was so late, we had the place to ourselves. It’s hard to tell but the sun was setting. It was a race against time!

DSC_0058 small

It went like this. Dylan, “This is a great place to climb!”DSC_0059 small

Everyone else, “You’re right!” By the time they start climbing, Dylan is already long gone… already off to the next great climbing spot.

DSC_0062 small

Even Megan got in on the action!

DSC_0067 small

Jackson and Ashlyn made it to the top!

DSC_0074 small

Cayden had to help Alison climb up- she was so scared! She decided that scooting down was the only safe way to get back! Scooting was fun 🙂

DSC_0075 small

The boardwalk kept us off the grassland so we wouldn’t have encounters with snakes.DSC_0083 small

A brief moment in the setting sun!

DSC_0084 small

This next stop was a lot of fun! The terrain was different! Here’s Jackson, climbing up and away!

DSC_0087 small

You have to look at Alison’s face. She is so thrilled to have gotten to the top of her mound!DSC_0090 small

Jackson and Ashlyn

DSC_0091 small

Just taking a little jog amongst the drop-offs.DSC_0082 small

My job was to freak out about the real drop-off. There was an opening in the rocky area that lead to this great viewpoint.  The ground just disappeared and there was nothing between me and the canyon floor. Matt and the kids had no problem walking right there and taking a look around, but once Matt left I’d yell every time one of the kids started playing too close. (There was only one spot I had to watch out for). Matt might stress about merry-go-rounds maiming or killing the kids. I stress about kids plummeting to their deaths while playing near drop-offs.

DSC_0097 small

I loved these boardwalks/snake protectors/pirate planks.DSC_0100 small

Cayden and Ashlyn sat on benches while Matt and I herded children to the van.

DSC_0099 small

Cayden is trying not to look ridiculously pleased that I’m taking his picture! (He’s doing it on purpose)

DSC_0101 small

The Badlands are known for their roaming buffalo herds. We were hoping to catch a glimpse while we were here! In fact, when we got back to camp we thought we saw a herd grazing in the distance! We got out the mega-zoom lens and found out that they were really cows. Too bad!

DSC_0103 small

On our drive out the next morning (after we finished up our Jr. Ranger badges!) we saw rainbow hills. Spectacular! This is from our car window, but imagine driving down the road surrounded by color-changing hills!


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