Reunion Trip: Day Seven


Day Seven: Nauvoo, IL to Pella, IA (Driving for 2.5 hours)

Today was Jackson’s birthday! LaNae bought a special cookie for him and Jackson got a roaring song of Happy Birthday! That was one happy guy! This was also the morning that Alison took apart two Oreos, licked the filling, and stuck the two halves with filling together to make a giant double-decker Oreo and lovingly gave them away. The poor recipients had no idea and ate them, and Alison had no idea that this was gross and was very proud of her idea!

DSC_0970 small

Before we all split up, we had to take a crazy picture (only half the people realized it was crazy and I was one of them!)

DSC_0972 small

We also had a regular picture


After cleaning and packing, our family gathered together in the trailer and celebrated Jack’s 7th birthday! We’d wrapped the presents before the trip and Matt had hidden them all. It was fun to pull them all out and to see the look on Jack’s face!

DSC_0974 small

Megan, still recovering from a late night!DSC_0979 small

I never would have guessed that a fart gun would become part of our weapons arsenal, but here it is… and yes it’s hilarious.

DSC_0982 small

Cayden picked out this sweet Lego set for Jackson!DSC_0984 small

A bow and arrow set. You’re seeing a theme by now. Jack loves the great outdoors and loves shooting, launching and stinking out targets!  Soon we were driving off.


I really didn’t expect Carthage Jail to look so…. nice. I pictured a Liberty Jail type atmosphere. Horrible conditions, etc. This wasn’t the case. This jail was family run. The family lived and slept there. Joseph Smith and his companions were well liked and ate dinner with the family in the evenings. In fact, the “jail” was later just converted into a 100% home for a long time before it was restored.

DSC_0994 small

Joseph and Hyrum. “In life they were not divided, and in death they were not separated.” (D&C 135:3.)

DSC_0995 small

The jail cell

DSC_0996 small   DSC_0997 small   DSC_0998 small

The jailer knew that Joseph, Hyrum, John Taylor, and Dr. Willard Richards weren’t dangerous criminals so instead of making them sleep in the jail cell (no windows), he let them stay in an upstairs bedroom. On June 27th the mob arrived and started shooting from outside. Some of the group charged up the stairs and forced the door open. Hyrum was killed first (from outside shots). The mob forced the door open just as Joseph turned to leap out the window. He was shot twice in the back and twice in the chest as he fell from the second-story window.  It was strange to walk into that room, see a bullet hole in the door, to look out the bedroom window and to imagine the violence and sorrow… As we’ve spent time at these different church history sites, I always walk away with a better understanding of sacrifice, obedience and faith.

 DSC_1003 small

 Megan fell in love with this water pump.


DSC_1004 small

The bakery was our first stop. It was also our last stop since this town basically shuts down at 5pm. Except for this bakery. We had until 6. We had so much fun perusing the baked goods, the Dutch delft china and little souvenirs. Each person picked out their own personal pastry and we got a butter cake for Grandma Lund!

DSC_1006 small    DSC_1008 small   DSC_1017 small

Even though the town was closed, we enjoyed walking around and enjoying the scenery.

DSC_1009 small    DSC_1010 small   DSC_1018 small

Even the side streets were tiled with Dutch images! The bad news… Cayden was getting sick. That whole fever, achy, need to go to sleep sick that Dylan had on the drive out, Ashlyn had during our Far West day…. now it was Cayden’s turn. Time to get to camp.


These state parks have been amazing! They’re beautiful, clean, well maintained, and most have a park for the kids. Genius!

DSC_1019 small_edited-1

While Matt and Ashlyn set up the trailer, Cayden zonked out and I took the kids to the park. Megan loved throwing leaves and watching them fall down.


Dylan loved climbing up and down the slide with AlisonDSC_1026 small

Alison loved climbing up and down the slide with DylanDSC_1029 small

Jack loved shooting his new bow and arrow set- finally!DSC_1037 SMALL

Megan got pushed on the swings a zillion times.

After a failed idea of roasting a hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough (Cripsy dough on the outside, soggy dough on the inside, cold hot dog on the inside, gross on so many levels) I went walking with Dylan.21 SMALL

We walked (he scootered) through trails around the trees.  We went off the trail and found that scootering in the grass is hard, so he ditched the scooter and we found a rocky field. I sat down and he explored and climbed around the rocks.  We watched the sun go down.


It was quiet and peaceful and perfect.


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  1. What an especially fun post because I was there to experience part of it with you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE enter Megan’s swing picture in a contest. It captures beauty, spontaneity, happiness, you name it. The writing was extremely fun. M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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