Reunion Trip: Day Five


Day Five: Crowder State Park, MO to Nauvoo, IL (Driving for 3 hours)

This was what we’d planned our whole trip around. The reunion! We spent some time gathering supplies for things that we were in charge of for the reunion and then drove to our group cabins/camping site! It was fun to watch families arrive and settle in, visit with family that we hadn’t see for ages and to just enjoy the whole gathering excitement!


After we’d settled in, everyone gathered together for the first activity- making bleach tee-shirts!

DSC_0662 small   DSC_0666 small

I’ve made these before, with freezer paper that you iron on to the shirt and then spray bleach around the paper/picture. Using foam stickers was so much easier!

 DSC_0676 small   DSC_0723 small

Some cousins got adventurous and tie-dyed their shirts. I love Ashlyn’s LOVE/CHOCOLATE shirt!

DSC_0702 small   DSC_0713 small

Other cousins got seriously crafty! We had a great time and only a few clothing casualties with the bleach!


While the tee-shirt making was going on, the men banded together in the kitchen and started cooking food. Let me tell you, these were the best fajitas I’ve ever had!

DSC_0694 small DSC_0697 small

You know that there was some serious partying going on in the kitchen!

DSC_0693 SMALL DSC_0699 small


After dinner (and clean-up) we played the Lund’s famous candy bar game!

DSC_0733 small    DSC_0732 small

It was a riot! Candy winning and candy stealing! Matt and I were in charge if this activity and we had a great time picking out all of the candy!

DSC_0741 small    DSC_0744 small

 DSC_0738 small    DSC_0754 small

Megan was tuckered out and fell asleep in the middle of this crazy crowd!

DSC_0756 small    DSC_0759 small

 DSC_0767 small


After the candy bar game, the Lunds had a family meeting to discuss items of business- the newsletter, the next reunion, etc.

DSC_0776 small    DSC_0777 small

I didn’t stay for that (it was SO late!) and brought the little guys back to the trailer so they could go to bed. Marlee got to come with us and have a sleep-over with Alison! We love Marlee so much and are glad for each and every minute we have to get our girls together!

DSC_0782 small

And just for reference, here’s our triple bunk set up!

DSC_0784 small

This reunion is off to a fantastic start!


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