Reunion Trip: Day Four


Day Four: Watkins Mill State Park, MO to Crowder State Park, MO

(1.5 hours of driving)

What? Only an hour and a half of driving?! That means we had a lot of stops planned!


This was a large, grassy garden stop. There wasn’t a visitor’s center, or even proselyting missionaries that gave you a tour. There were missionaries gardening and also a small building with bathrooms. It was a quiet, peaceful stop.

DSC_0603 small  DSC_0604 small

We got to see the four cornerstones of the temple, covered in glass cases. That was interesting to me- I didn’t know what to expect. Each cornerstone had a plaque talking about  its significance.

DSC_0598 small

I love this picture of Ashlyn, just taking it all in 🙂DSC_0600 small

Our family

DSC_0601 small

Robb’s family

I loved learning about all of the major events that happened in Far West, even though the saints were only there for a year.

DSC_0605 small    DSC_0606 small

The law of tithing, the name of the church

 DSC_0607 small   DSC_0609 small

Laying the foundation for a temple, starting missions over sea.


Let’s be clear, this site is so sacred that there aren’t signs that teach you about the importance of this spot. It was revealed that this is the place where Adam and his family lived after leaving the Garden of Eden. It is also the site where Christ will come in preparation for the Second Coming.

DSC_0610 small

We had this place to ourselves. Beautiful! Cayden and Ashlyn are walking ahead…

DSC_0611 small

Dylan, Matt, Megan…. and Alison fixing her shoe.DSC_0613 small

Our family and Robb’s family

DSC_0617 small


DSC_0618 small

Robb and Ginny

DSC_0619 small

Dylan, warming up on a big rock!

DSC_0621 small


DSC_0623 small

More exploring

DSC_0626 small1

Matt and I

DSC_0627 small

Jackson helping Megan on the way back to the van


Another memorable part of the day was driving through Amish country. Missouri is beautiful! When you get to Amish country, it’s like stepping back through time. You see horses and buggies tied to the hitching posts around town. You pass houses with carriages parked on the side of their house instead of a car.


You see freshly washed laundry hanging from the line.

DSC_0629 small

There are even lanes on the side of the road, especially for the horse and carriages. DSC_0633 small

We stopped at a wood goods store. All of the employees were Amish and the furniture took your breath away. The rocking horses and marble machines were beautiful. They had a quilting section in the store. We ended up buying an unusual marble machine for Megan’s birthday and tucked it away!


We wanted to have lunch in town, which proved to be impossible. There was only one restaurant, which was so full of smokers that we decided to skip that right away. Instead we went to a bakery.  When we walked in the temperatures were soaring! You could tell their ovens had been on all day! They had sold a lot of their goods, but we were able to walk out with sour dough bread, jam and rolls. (Dylan loved the dog that camped out inside the bakery). That food was gone pretty fast but it lasted until we could make it to a Pizza Hut in another town and have a feast!


The day was not over yet! We pulled into our camping space and it was GORGEOUS! There were trees everywhere, trails galore and even a playground for the kids!

 DSC_0634 small

Matt and Robb (plus Cayden and Ashlyn) set up camp. Cayden and Ashlyn are pros at loading and unloading the trailer now!DSC_0638 small

Alayna and Alison buddied up and scootered everywhere!DSC_0653 small

Dylan and Jackson scootered the trails at top speeds!DSC_0641 small

I spent most of the time at the park with the kids….DSC_0644 small

…. or exploring with the boys.

A huge rainstorm rolled in, so we put everything away that was outside, we piled inside, put on a movie (Mega Mind) and popped loads and loads of popcorn! Robb and Ginny’s family slept in our trailer that night- we had the whole process down to perfection! We raised the two bunkbeds so that there was enough room to have two more people sleep underneath (it was like a triplet bunk bed!) and that became the most coveted sleeping spot for the rest of the trip (for those 8 and under).


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