Reunion Trip: Day Two


Day Two: Cheyenne, WY to Mormon Island, NE (6 hours of driving)

DSC_0514 small

Here is how almost every morning on the trip began. We put on “Darkwing Duck” or “Duck Tales” and let the kids watch while Matt and I got breakfast together. The kids piled on the bed or couches!

We heard Megan telling Alison more than one time on the trip, “Alison! Let’s get dangerous. Pleeeeaaaaase!”  (From the Dark Wing Duck theme song).

We had breakfast, got kids dressed, fixed hair and drove off!DSC_0518 small

Mormon Island State Park basically had a huge lake with campsites everywhere! Matt and Cayden took off to go to WalMart- I’d left both the shampoo and conditioner at the last campsite- and I took the kids to the lake! Ashlyn spent the evening swimming… the WHOLE time!DSC_0540 small

We were prepared for the water and had sand toys galore!DSC_0550 small

The kids loved trying to lay on the buoys to sink them, nearly impossible! DSC_0551 small

There was a lot of sand digging, waterway construction and bucket filling!DSC_0554 small

The lake was beautiful as the sun was starting to set… it’s hard to tell. DSC_0555 small

I enjoyed sitting on the beach and watching the kids play. I love busy, happy children!DSC_0558 small

My three little fishies!

Ashlyn, Dylan and Jackson


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