Reunion Trip: Day One


Day One: American Fork to Cheyenne, WY (7 hours of driving)

After staying up late the night before- packing clothes, food, and basically everything in the house- we left Sunday morning for our two week trip. The reason for the trip was a Lund three day reunion in Nauvoo, but the rest of the two weeks belonged to our family!

DSC_0430 small

7 hours is a LONG time. Luckily, we’d spent a good chunk of time preparing for the long hours on the road. One of Alison’s favorite activities was playing with magnets on a cookie sheet. (The cheap ones at the dollar store are magnetic).DSC_0437 small

There was also a lot of sleeping involved….DSC_0439 small

…. and just relaxing!DSC_0442 small

Megan loved the magnets, but especially loved stringing fruit loops on a pipe cleaner!DSC_0447 small

The older kids looked for licence plates and at every gas station they’d try to scope out as many states as they could! Matt and I LOVED hunting for states.DSC_0449 small

Jackson found so many signs, stores, bars and towns with the word “Jack” involved, but this was my favorite!

DSC_0469 small

Our first RV site was actually in town. We needed a place to run around after 7 hours on the road, so we found this park. It was AMAZING! There was a big lake, small lakes, walking trails, gardens and playgrounds. We grabbed some food and picnic’d. It turns out that ducks LOVE curly fries! Megan loved to feed the ducks and then run like crazy when they got close to her food!DSC_0474 small

Silly kids!

DSC_0476 small

Ashlyn found a tree to climb!DSC_0478 small

It wasn’t long before the exploring began! The gardens and ponds were a refreshing oasis!

DSC_0483 small

I love this shot of Ashlyn!DSC_0485 small

There were benches all over the park, but the little benches for “one” were adorable! Sometimes you don’t want to share your bench!DSC_0487 small

There was a cute boardwalk that lead over marshy land.DSC_0489 small

That quiet moment….DSC_0503 small

Our last part of the evening was spent at the playground, our favorite part being this two story merry-go-round! The ropes kept kids from falling off- clever!DSC_0509 small

Cayden was in demand because of his excellent pushing speed.DSC_0511 small

Dylan even took on the pushing challenge, but his favorite spot was on the top level

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  1. Your shots made me feel we were there. Great job!

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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