July’s Random Everyday Moments


We spent July getting ready for our 2 week road trip in August. Part of that included putting together activity binders (and an activity crate) for the trip.

DSC_0264 small

I printed off the activities, but Ashlyn spear-headed the assembly movement!

DSC_0471 small

Alison LOVED being a pirate for  Ashlyn’s cool school and kept up the costume throughout the month. She’s drawing a picture of herself, holding my hand and Matt’s hand. Cute 🙂DSC_0475 edit

Dylan continues with his constant construction and invention ideas. Here is his snack dispenser. It can hold three different kinds of snacks.DSC_0479 small

Just lift the flap!

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  1. These made me laugh.  Happy.    It’s so fantastic that you are recording these everyday occurrences in your life.  You definitely won’t remember them years from now without the visual and comments.  So proud of you, wish I had felt I had the time to do that years ago.  I was always in too big a rush.  Love ya, M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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