The Grand Dino Adventure


Today was our 16th anniversary, and in keeping with our style we had a big family outing! We loaded up the van and drove up to Ogden to play at the Ogden Dinosaur Park. We hit this park almost every summer. Dinosaurs are cool. You can see fossils, exhibits, statues and plaques to learn about each one. I know… it doesn’t sound as fun as it really is. We started with the indoor museum first! DSC_0348 small

Ashlyn’s helping Megan with the “hands-on” activities.

DSC_0351 small

Dylan is not even as tall as a mammoth’s leg, no matter how far he stretches!

DSC_0356 small

Meteor rocks are crazy HEAVY! Ashlyn could barely get it to shoulder level.DSC_0359 small

Cayden had to top that and lifted it over his head! (That was HARD)DSC_0373 small

The younger kids got an activity pack to fill out, which was actually fun! That triceratops always goes for the hands. A fight may or may-not have ensued about whose hands got to be eaten the most…. and an argument by the “rule enforcers” about whether hands should be allowed inside the mouth at all… Basically everyone was upset with moments of this picture!

(I may be writing this post 7 months later, but that memory is solid!)

DSC_0409 small

The playground! Always a good time!DSC_0420 edit

Ashlyn’s favorite part was buying this “egg” and the gift shop. It’s hard to tell here, but the coloring is amazing!

DSC_0396 small

Megan enjoying the swings, her favorite thing to do at any park!DSC_0381 small

Exploring the hidden trails.DSC_0378 small

Watch out for that T-Rex!

We had a great day and picked up Cafe Rio at home!


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