Happy 24th!


We haven’t made it to the last few July 24th parties and it was so nice to be able to go this year! Lisa and Jeff hosted everyone, Grandma and Grandpa Bills brought the marinated turkey (the kind you have to fend everyone off to get your hands on some!) and afterwards we had fireworks in the church parking lot!

DSC_0265 small

Ethan was nice and shared his airplane with Dylan. I think playing with this plane was the highlight of Dylan’s night!

DSC_0273 small

It was fun to watch the cousins playing together! I think the sparklers might have been the highlight of Ellie’s night!

DSC_0274 small

Sparklers are timeless fun!

DSC_0276 small

Alison wasn’t so sure that she wanted a sparkler though…..

DSC_0281 small

When it started getting darker the fireworks began! Grandma and Grandpa brought popsicles and drinks.  We had such a good time! Megan snuggled with my mom because it was so noisy. Getting dark meant that all of my pictures stopped turning out….

DSC_0290 small

There had been some fires in Utah, which made for a pretty spectacular sunset.

DSC_0326 small

Here is the only “night” picture that turned out. Cozi covering her ears watching fireworks. That’s the way to do it!

We had a great evening and enjoyed being with family. I look forward to these times, these connections that bring us together… that keep us together.


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