Steel Days


This year for Steel Days, Cayden and Ashlyn had their own things going on (EFY and Girls’ Camp) so it was just me and the younger four.  Usually Cayden  and Ashlyn help me out by taking the younger ones on rides while I hold a baby. This year there were no older kids with me and there wasn’t a baby to hold. Folks- I rode the rides. I haven’t been on a Ferris Wheel since I was a teenager. You know it’s high, but when you’re at the top and you’re higher than the trees at the library that were probably planted by American Fork’s founding fathers, you know you’re high.

DSC_0024 small

The girls and I were on the car behind Dylan and Jackson. There was a little trepidation in both of our cars.DSC_0013 small

Alison, my seat buddy to the left.

DSC_0021 small

Megan, my seat buddy to the right.

DSC_0019 small

Once the ride started, they were all smiles!

DSC_0031 small

For the first year, Jackson was tall enough to ride the UFO. At first he was too nervous, but when he saw other kids his age getting on he decided to give it a try. That is one happy and relieved boy walking out!

DSC_0040 small

Dylan and Jackson were nice enough to go with the girls on the little roller coasters.DSC_0133 small

 What a party! We had a great time


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