Cayden at EFY


This was written by Cayden for an English class. The topic was “An Event That Changed My Life.”

This summer I went to a program called EFY (Especially For Youth), run by the LDS Church and funded by BYU. My neighbors said “Hey, you should come with us! It’ll be fun!” So I did, though I had no idea what it was. We stayed at their grandparents’ house, for the week.

We showed up on Monday, wondered what was going on, and were assigned a group. I went with four friends, and they were all in the same group, but I was alone in mine. I was okay with it, because I knew that being able to make new friends is a valuable skill to have.

We got to know each other in the group, and although I’m not exactly “the best and the greatest” with names, I could recognize them easily enough after a while (the name tags helped). I made friends with a few, and we all got along well. To this day, I have remained good friends with one of them, though we haven’t been able to see each other since.

Throughout the week, I learned more about what I believe in, and what I need to do to have a better and happier life. The lessons were great, and the teachers were really awesome. Since that week, I have been a better person, and have had a happier life.

The thing I really liked about EFY was that I was really able to experience life. Meeting new people, learning how to do hard things, and teamwork skills. The things people can do are amazing, and meeting new people is always great.

There were two dances at EFY; one on Tuesday, and one on Friday. That was one of my favorite parts. They were the first dances I had been to, and so it was a little scary, but it was still fun. It was a great way to meet new people, and see the goodness of the world.

There was a Variety Show on Friday. Basically, that is just a talent show with unique talents. It was pretty inspiring, and because of it, I learned a few cool skills of my own.

I took home a lot of things from EFY. I’ve been using my time better, and I’ve been taking more opportunities to serve others. I’ve gained my testimony then, and that has strengthened me since.

The most important thing that I got out of that was friendship. I made some friends, strengthened existing friendships, and learned how to be a better friend. My friends have really helped me, at all times, and they are really important to me. My friends lift me up, they strengthen me when I am weak, and they make me a better person. Without my friends, I would not have the happy life that I have right now.

My friends are amazing, and because of EFY, I realized that. My happiness has improved considerably since then, and I am glad about that.


The people in Cayden’s group




Just the boys in the group


The “Before” picture


Checking in


The “After” picture


The “After” picture, serious style 🙂


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