Ashlyn at Girls’ Camp


This is a big year for Ashlyn!  1st year out of primary, 1st year in Young Women, 1st year at Girls’ Camp, last year in elementary, and (soon-to-be) 1st year in Jr. High. The bad part about getting behind in blogging is that I forget details- or at least the emotions aren’t as crisp as they were a few months ago. However, I do know that Ashlyn had been looking forward to Girls’ Camp forever and it was pure giddiness leading up to the big day!  We even had to screen a “Got Tacos?” t-shirt ourselves for a skit the Saturday before. It turned out so cute and Ashlyn gave it to one of her friends who seriously loved it. It was so fun to make that we want to do it again!

Ashlyn’s not in the “taking selfies” stage and the pictures on her camera are truly fun… but she is missing. It makes me realize that I’m pretty much missing in posts all of the time. Luckily I got one of her at the end!

DSCN3435 small

The girls fixed each other’s hair.. a lot!

DSCN3437 small

Ashlyn’s a girl who’s always looking for a great sunset. She captured a beautiful one!DSCN3485 small

Giant otter pops!

DSCN3537 small

The view from the 1st years’ hike.

DSCN3545 s,mall

One of the leaders added something to the fire to make it change colors. I want to try it!


Ashlyn and Cali at the end. Very tired and very happy!


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