Ashlyn’s Cool School


By Ashlyn:

This summer I did a neighborhood activity called Cool School. At Cool School we do a different activity every week.  One day we did an experiment day where you “Become a Scientist” on that day.  We did bubbles, put ice in oil, and got a glass bowl filled with water and put as many coins as we could without spilling water. We got to about 150 coins the the kids started to get crazy. We did a pirate day and on another we made butter and jam. One thing that was hard was having like ten kids by yourself so I hired someone to help me.

DSC_0305 small

By Crystal:

Two years ago Ashlyn started up a Cool School and it was a fun little thing where she planned activities for the neighborhood kids for $2 for each of the days. We didn’t do it last year- our summer was full of camping! This year she did it again and the response was huge! After the first week’s activity, “A Day At The Races” I told her that she needed to hire some help. I was seriously not enough back up. There were so many enthusiastic participants, and despite me taking the little guys through the activities (the 4 year olds needed their own helper), the majority of kids were 7-8 years old and Ashlyn couldn’t keep up. It was crazy and fun, but a little less crazy and a little more help was definitely needed. Ashlyn hired her good friend Cali and that made all of the difference. I missed Cali on the days she couldn’t come….

DSC_0330 small

The days Cali couldn’t come, I was busy with Ashlyn from an hour before the school and every second during. These kids sure had a good time!

DSC_0332 small

I helped Ashlyn with the planning for the first two, but by then she was a pro and took over everything. It was fun to see her making decisions at Hobby Lobby and deciding which pirate gear would be the most fun 🙂 “Pirates A’Hoy”  was probably the most favorite Cool School- doing a treasure hunt to find pirate gear and leading to the sand box to find treasure buried all through it. But really, all of them were so fun. I think “Digging For Dinosaurs” was my favorite.

DSC_0445 small

Ahoy Matey!

DSCN4214 small

“Become a Pioneer” day was up there too- making rolls, freezer jam….

DSCN4222 small

… and homemade butter. It was a fun summer!



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