Manilla Pond


We decided to try out a new spot one Wednesday afternoon. We’ve been trying to get to the pool every Wednesday (which we haven’t) but to change things up a little we decided to play in the water outdoors. We drove off to Manilla Pond, a little man-made beach in Pleasant Grove east of the temple. Cayden brought a book and chilled out by the cooler

DSCN4114 small_edited-1

When I saw  pictures of this beach from a friend’s post on Facebook, I thought it looked muddy! It’s not. It really is sand! More like gravely sand instead of fine sand, but so much better than dirt! It’s easier to play and build with… and it doesn’t stick to you like dirt/mud. Thank goodness! We came home from this afternoon practically as clean as we began! (PS- You can fish at this pond too and it smells like it. I got used to it but it took me by surprise. If I came here again, I might have Cayden bring his fishing pole and let him try fishing on the other side).

DSCN4117 small

We brought a picnic lunch, a cooler with cold drinks, camp chairs and were set for a nice afternoon.DSCN4121 small

I don’t know which was more fun- playing in the sand….DSCN4128 small

… or playing in the water!

DSCN4138 small

Ashlyn had decided to sit out with Cayden, but after a little while of letting the boys start up a construction project she had to join in!

DSCN4139 small

Lot of trips to get water!DSCN4137 small

These guys are so fun to watch!DSCN4155 small

It was a nice change!


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