Farewell To June


Here are our random “home life” moments from this month:

DSC_0078 small

Cayden has really gotten into playing the piano. He prints off sheet music by Audio Machine (a group that works on the soundtracks for movie trailers) and practices all of the time. It’s amazing how playing music that you love gets you to practice so much more! Most evenings we listen to Cayden playing the piano for fun.

DSC_0336 small

The sandbox has been huge- both with our family and with friends!DSC_0368 small

Blurry picture, but cute! Dylan had buried himself and the Alison begged to have a turn! PS- Dylan is a ham!DSC_0375 small

You can see that he loves helping Alison out… or helping her under 🙂

DSC_0380 small

Jack and his tunnels! DSC_0382 small

Here are the grapes that Matt planted. They’re also on the other side of the patio. It’ll be so fun when we start getting grapes! For now, we just enjoy watching them grow!

DSC_0440 small

More sandbox creations. I get summoned to take pictures of these masterpieces!

DSCN4092 small

We’ve eaten dinner outside a lot this month. You can see that I dawdle afterwards and don’t get straight to clearing things when we’re done. The kids go play, Matt reclines and apparently I read the paper. I have no idea who took this picture. I don’t normally eat dinner with a camera either. I think I’d just taken a picture of Dylan’s sandcastle. But voila- this is our life!

DSC_0055 small_edited-1

All of the weekend projects, early meetings on Sunday and more meetings after church make for a sleepy Matt on Sundays.


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