Camping Up Nebo Loop


Kind of “spur-of-the-moment” we decided to go camping. We’d talked about it, but hadn’t really committed. Matt’s had a lot of work. We have no extra vacation time right now. Still… Matt decided to work from home on Friday so that he could see Ashlyn’s clarinet recital. (That’s one step closer to making this work!) By the time we realized that we could pull it off, I ran to the store, gathered some food, had everyone pack a change of clothes and we were off! Having a trailer with everything you need is awesome! We just had to bring food and extra clothes!

DSCN4227 small

The drive up the Nebo Loop put the girls to sleep. Megan uses her car seat as a pillow and Alison never does.

DSCN4236 small

After we found a great spot, I took the girls exploring. We found a perfect little spot by the river!DSCN4237 small

Ashlyn is so cute! We had the place to ourselves!

DSCN4242 small

After a little while we decided that the nice thing to do would be to get the boys. DSCN4263 small

We waded, Matt and Cayden skipped rocks, I tried to skip rocks, and we just relaxed on the river bank.DSCN4279 small

Just about everyone got wet!DSCN4281 small

Back at camp, Cayden got out the games for the girls.DSC_0402 small

We got out the wrist rockets and tried to hit targets!DSC_0408 small

The boys are already in their pajamas because of our wet river expedition.DSCN4282 small

Matt took the time to teach Alison how to use a wrist rocket.DSCN4285 small

He also taught Ashlyn how to build a fire and had her do the whole thing!DSCN4291 small

We had a simple dinner. We roasted hot dogs and made s’mores! Cayden had us bring a package of jalapeno hot dogs too and they were surprisingly good! I was skeptical, but load up your buns with finely diced onion and it was tasty!

DSCN4294 small

Dylan and Alison did everything together on this trip!

After dinner and dessert, we put the kids to bed. Usually it’s not a big deal but this time it was rough! Megan figured out how to climb out of her porta-crib. Disaster! Also, she’d peek out and try to talk to everyone! She’d get Jackson laughing, and then everyone would start laughing. We’d finally get her to sleep (we thought) and then she’d wake up and we’d start over. Once Matt took her for a walk around the campground in the middle of the night to calm her down. When they got back into the trailer, Cayden rolled over and she squealled, “Oooohhhh! That one’s moving!!!” Cayden started laughing. She finally slept in our bed, between Matt and I. This bed is tight already.. but now there was an extra body. A chatty body. She’d look at the light on the ceiling. “That’s not a bird. That’s not a monster. That is a monster. That’s a nice monster. That’s not a bad monster. That’s not a monster. That’s a light.” Every thought that went through her head was spoken out loud! We got a couple hours of sleep tops, and they weren’t restful. I’m hoping our Nauvoo trip goes a lot better! Two weeks. She’ll be used to it by the time we’re done, right?!

DSCN4299 small

The next morning we packed up and went on a hike before we left!

DSCN4300 small

Megan loved to hike and wanted to do it all… even the steep parts!DSCN4301 small

Look at these guys!DSCN4310 small

Awww… I made it into a picture! We had a great time, even without a lot of sleep, and we loved our trailer all over again!


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