Ashlyn’s Band Debut


The first four weeks of June brought band camp for Ashlyn. Every day! This was a dream come true for a girl who loves school and having things to do! At the end of the four weeks they had a recital. Each group of instruments played a song or two. Ashlyn said the other groups were jealous because the clarinet teacher had picked awesome songs for her group! No “Mary Had a Little Lamb” over here!

 DSC_0394 small

Sure enough, when the clarinet players took the stage, so did Darth Vader!

DSC_0395 small

Complete with a light saber to conduct! The crowd went wild!DSC_0397 small

They also played a song from “The Hobbit!” Ashlyn’s picked up the clarinet really well, probably because she plays the piano. It’s so fun to see her branch out and try a new instrument!

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