We’re Building A Dam!


Warning: You will see some diaper during this post. Diapers happen. It happened today. If you have diaper sensitivity, then move along!

DSC_0387 small

One lazy Sunday evening…  wait, Thurday evening (Thursdays aren’t usually lazy- sweet!)… Matt and I were sitting on the front porch with popsicles and watching the kids play in the gutter, thanks to the neighbor on the corner who waters his front lawn in the early evening. There is nothing better than playing in small gutter rivers!

DSC_0390 small

They decided to build a dam and were like little ants, scurrying up and down the street to find grass clippings and sticks.

DSC_0392 small

There was a little group of neighbor kids biking around the block again and again, and each time Megan would stand up and yell, “HEY GUYS! WE’RE BUILDING A DAM!” Every lap, she’d fill them in on the big news. It all ended when Alison got stung by a wasp. I think this was her first time getting stung, so she was completely unprepared for the pain! But this dam-building experience left its mark with Megan. She’s been talking about dams ever since!


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