“Mario Kart 8” Party


Before summer even started I had a goal. I wanted this summer to keep us active and I didn’t want to lose our family scripture study habit. Cayden kept dropping hints that the new Mario Kart 8 was coming out for the Wii U. A plan started to come together. Cayden designed the pieces (we’re trying to get Mario and Luigi to their Karts) while Ashlyn and I put together the board and hung it up on the wall above our kitchen table. We unveiled it at our FHE on June 9th. The goals? 120 miles for the family and 60 times of reading scriptures. No duplications! You can’t have personal scripture study more than one time a day!

DSC_0223 small

I thought this would take all summer!10447113_10202918740867797_6147417200472491690_n

One day we decided to bike to the Lone Peak Park. That’s a 10 mile bike ride with 5 people biking and 2 in a trailer. Everyone was so excited! (Getting 50 miles marked on the chart! Score!)

We biked, stopped at parks, had a picnic and arrived at Lone Peak Park. Everything was going perfectly! We were just biking around the lake, looking for a place to park our bikes when the paved trail narrowed (to go over a river). The narrowing of the trail led to everyone slowing down (since we all had to go single file now), but Dylan didn’t notice. I heard, “Mom!” and I turned around just as he crashed into me and fell off the trail, down into the river, still tangled in his bike. Here I am up above with two little girls in a bike trailer and an 8 year old in a river. Two moms came running over to Dylan while I set my bike down and climbed down to him. Sometimes I freak out in a crisis, but the the two moms were freaking out enough so I went into super-calm mode (as in, super calm). Their son picked up Dylan’s bike and carried it back up to the trail while I helped a limping Dylan make his way back up. He was crying uncontrollably and all I could think about was getting him away from the crowd so I could look him over! One of the moms said, “When I saw you biking with all of your kids, I thought, ‘Well isn’t she brave!'” and I could hear her next unspoken comment, “And looked what happened…..” The moms went back to their picnics and we were all walking the bikes to a grassy spot to sit down when one of the guys fishing said to Dylan, “How are you doing, bud? That was a pretty big fall.” Dylan was gulping back tears, “Yeah.”

When we got the bikes settled, I looked Dylan over and he looked great. He was soaking wet and had a scrape on his leg from the rocks, but other than that he was fine. Wow! Thank goodness for helmets and protection from above! It was a good chance to remind him to pay attention and also a good chance to praise him for his quick reaction (I think he landed really well). I was worrying about getting everyone home- I thought for sure Dylan wouldn’t be able to bike home – but I’m a tough mom and I said we’d rest and then bike home.  When he agreed, I knew he was fine.


While we were “resting” everyone played in the lake. I sat on the beach and my emotions finally kicked in. Maybe it was an adrenaline crash, but I had the shakes a little and it was my turn to finally freak out (internally). All was well, but I finally let myself feel vulnerable. I was upset that something happened while I was in charge. Should I have not taken them biking? Would something different have happened if Matt was there? I had to really come to the realization that Dylan would have crashed no matter who was there- he just wasn’t paying attention! We handled it swiftly, I had my phone and was set to call for help if needed. I did a good job! It was being a good mom to take them on a bike ride! They did great and were proud of it! They’ve even asked to do the ride again, but it’s just been too hot.

We spent many evenings going on family walks and racking up miles. At night Cayden would call us together to have family scripture study and remind everyone to read their personal scriptures. Dylan and Jack would hunker down with the picture scriptures. Cayden would ask Matt and I if we’d read. Instead of taking 2 months to finish the chart it took us 2 weeks!

DSC_0345 small

After our hikes up Big Cottonwood Canyon, I gathered supplies and we had our “Mario Kart 8” celebration! We had chicken wings (roadkill), bananas (those slippery peels), fire balls (those Cheeto puff balls), Oreos (spare tires) and star cookies!

DSC_0349 small

The cookies were the hit of the party!DSC_0350 small

Megan’s favorite food, as always, were the bananas! That is a HUGE banana!DSC_0351 small

The road-kill made Cayden and Ashlyn laugh (and made Dylan and Jackson confused).

We spent the evening playing Mario Kart 8 as a family! Matt rocked, mom did not 🙂 You can tell I didn’t grow up with video games! I was actually sad when this challenge ended, but so glad for the excitement that it brought into our home!


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