Big Cottonwood Canyon


One Saturday we decided to try out some new hikes. I was SO glad to get out of the house and do something physical! Whenever soccer season ends, I feel like Saturdays belong to me again! I get to pick what we do again.

DSCN3953 small

I found two short hikes up Big Cottonwood canyon, both involving waterfalls.DSCN3960 small

The trails were even better than I’d imagined! The pictures I’d seen online did not do them justice!DSCN3974 small

The destination was a river with waterfalls as they went over rocks. I thought this was going to be a small little stream with rocks, but these were huge boulders! Every one of of them was as big as Jackson! We decided to play around here for a while, just exploring this great spot!

DSCN3992 small

Dylan off to the left. He could be a mountain goat with the way he can crawl up and down any terrain he’s on.DSCN3996 small

Ashlyn, made it to the highest spot the fastest.DSCN4001 small

Jackson, checking out this cave behind the waterfall (and probably trying to figure out how to get over there). We did get in there! Ashlyn helped Jackson up onto the top. Teamwork! Nature! It’s all here!

DSCN4020 small

Ashlyn and I in a scenic little niche.

DSCN4021 small

Cayden, way up top and happy to be there!DSCN4029 small

Finally it was time to hike back down. Jackson and Alison staged sword fights along the way!DSCN4046 small

Our next hike was much shorter. I couldn’t resist this cute little face!DSCN4061 small

However, when Alison got to the water, she was SCARED. Matt offered to carry her through the water to see the waterfall.

DSCN4064 small

They made it! (You can see Alison did not care for the raging water).

The bad news, Matt slipped on the way out and they both crashed into the side of the canyon wall. Matt’s knee took the brunt of the fall (he’s a hero!) although Alison was pretty shaken up and felt like she’d been crushed between Matt and the rock. I think her biggest shock, though, was that she was WET!!  5 minutes later Alison had calmed down, but Matt’s knee was in bad shape (internally) for a long time. He survived High Adventure in Moab but not our short family hike. So sad! DSCN4074 small

Cayden and Megan, with a little view of the waterfall behind them.DSCN4078 small

Despite Matt’s knee, we had a great time trying out some new hikes, scrambling over boulders and some plain-ol’ outdoor fun!

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