Moab With The Scouts


The weekend before scout camp (the Priest’s High Adventure), Matt fixed all of the boys’ bikes and shopped for supplies like a crazy person! This was his first one to be in charge of as the Young Men’s president. Also, over the weekend we loaned a family down the street our 12 passenger van (for their Disneyland trip) in exchange for their truck and SUV. It worked out well for us. Matt took their truck to Moab and I still had a vehicle that could fit all of the kids for the week!

DSC_0287 small

Monday morning the gear was loaded and they drove off!

DSCN3925 small

They mountain biked, hiked, rafted and hit the city pool a few times to cool off! Matt’ll probably give the whole scoop in his newsletter, but it was adventurous for sure.DSCN3936 small

The Double O arch

DSCN3944 small

Brother Cardwell was C-R-A-Z-Y! He and Matt hit it off on that trip!DSC_0288 small

While they were enjoying Moab, the boys were enjoying Brennan’s longboard. Every morning Dylan and Jackson would hit the streets (well… the sidewalk) and ride that thing all morning!DSC_0293 small

Usually they’d both sit on it and paddle up the street, then turn around and sail back down!


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